Bardog alley party 2012

Kelly finally gets with the program and wears a tube top

Raffle prizes

Star & Micey

Boo & Gary

The wooden nickel Boo and Gary brought me entitles me to a nickel PBR

…And they even taped the nickel to the back. Friends indeed.

It was good to see Maddison but I’m disappointed she did not get in the dunk tank.

Pete seemed to enjoy the Bardog party. Most likely it was because it was a Sunday he didn’t have to worry about me whooping his ass at pool at the Saucer.

Bluff City Backsliders

Talley. Thankfully he didn’t wear a Speedo to this fundraiser.

Bob, Talley, and Bad Shane

Official T-shirt of the meatball eating contest. Yes, that is Aldo’s grandmother.

Ciara rocking out as she and Emily enter Scratchy’s Alley from Union

Aldo emceeing the meatball eating contest

Duck Finkley was outmatched in the meatball eating contest. Four bites per meatball? Come on. Swallow those bitches.


Watching the meatball eating contest from the fire escape

Meatball eating champion Mike Muruako

Post-contest, Bob Rebecca’d a leftover meatball.

Tawni with hair

A minimum $2000 was required to get Tawni in the barber’s chair.

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Massive respect for Tawni and for the other people who got their head/beard shaved for St. Jude. And massive respect for Bardog for putting this thing together, and for being the Downtown core’s neighborhood bar for 4 years.