Tue update: Isaac, South Main Trolley Tour (I miss the beer stands), Fullilove arrested, Facebook malware scam, heritage pork fest, DNA meeting, Tuesday happenings

Potential good or bad news for this weekend, depending on how you look at it: Channel 3 reports that Most of the rain from Hurricane Isaac is expected to go west of us. Little Rock will get hit hard, but according to Channel 3’s graphic, Memphis may see almost no rain at all.

That’s bad news for farmers, since we’ve been having drought conditions for much of the summer. However, it’s good news for those who plan to have fun Downtown this weekend. As I mentioned yesterday, the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival is this Saturday and Sunday, outdoors on the Main Street Mall between Union and Peabody Place. It would be nice to have it dry, so people will come out in numbers and enjoy the music, art, dance, and cooking demos. Saturday is also the first College Football Saturday of the season, and I’d like to make it south to Max’s Sports Bar for an hour or two without having to dodge thunder and lightning.

I’d also like the rain to be out of here for Friday night, which will be South Main Trolley Tour. Many businesses will be open from 6 to 9, and it would be nice if the skies were clear so a big crowd will show up and support the merchants of South Main.

You know what? I miss the beer stands at Trolley Tour though. Yeah I can go to Max’s and get a beer, but I thought it was kind of nice that the beer stands sold Ghost River, a true South Main product. Also, they were conveniently located, and I didn’t have to duck into a bar and stand in line.

In the news City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove and her husband were arrested after an alleged fight. Her husband alleges that she had been drinking when he got home, and she threw dishes at him and accused him of cheating on her. By the time the police arrived, it’s reported that Mrs. Fullilove passed out on the way to the squad car. MEMPHIS, WHY DO YOU KEEP VOTING FOR THIS WOMAN?????

Facebook users: If you get an email from Facebook with subject “Your friend added a new photo with you to the album,” with a ZIP file as an attachment, and a notification that you’re receiving the email because you’re a close friend, don’t open the attachment! It’s malware. More info here.

If you’re excited about the COCHON 555 Heritage Pork BBQ fest this weekend, the Eat Local Memphis blog would be a good one to follow. Thomas is posting a series of “Meet the Chef” articles, interviewing the chefs who will compete. The interviews really do a good job communicating their passion for heritage pork. Two are up already – Miles McMath and Harrison Keevil.

The monthly Downtown Neighborhood Association meeting is tonight at the Orpheum, 6 PM. Topics include Save the Chisca, the James Lee House, the Harahan Bridge Project, and the new Blues Trail. Free for DNA members, $5 for guests.

Other stuff going on tonight: “Super Tuesday” at Kooky Canuck with all their 34 oz. signature drinks only $5 (I recommend the Flying Moose); “Tie Tuesday” at Itta Bena with $2 off drinks for all men in ties (I think “Tube Top Tuesday” would be a better promotion); pint night at Bardog with all their drafts $3; trivia at the Saucer (7:30 and 10) and Ferraro’s (8:00); poker at Blind Bear (8:00); $5 spaghetti night at the Green Beetle; Redbirds vs. Omaha at AutoZone Park (7:05).

Fun day at work… I get to spend the afternoon tinkering under the hood with WordPress. I’ll be out about 6 tonight, most likely Saucer but maybe Aldo’s Pizza Pies. Later I’ll make the call on whether I feel like playing poker at the Blind Bear. Tonight is the beginning of a new 16-week league there.