Wed update: Important info on keeping accounts secure, dragon trolley, PARK(ing) Day, Heritage BBQ Fest, Sunday Kooky beer special, ice cream fest, things going on tonight

I know several people who have been hacked lately. It’s not specific to one platform: They’ve been hacked on Facebook, WordPress, Gmail, Twitter, etc. Furthermore, these people are not dummies who use a 4-letter password or something guessable like their girlfriend’s name. The fact is, password guessing algorithms have gotten sophisticated enough to get you, even if you use strong passwords (usually defined as 12 letters or longer with at least one upper and lower case letter and digit). It’s getting scary out there.

For that reason, it’s important that you read this LifeHacker article on double authentication. Double authentication relies not only on something you know (a password) but also on something you have (in most cases your phone). Once set up, if you try to log in from a device that hasn’t previously been used to log into that account since setting up double-auth, a code will be sent to your phone. You have to enter that code before you can complete the login. It’s an extra step, but you only have to do it once per device, and it makes your identity much more secure. Double-auth hasn’t been implemented on every social network/cloud based platform, but it’s available on some of the big ones including Gmail, Dropbox, WordPress, and Facebook.

You may see a trolley Downtown wrapped as a dragon. It’s promoting the Duncan-Williams dragon boat races that will happen next month.

PARK(ing) Day is coming back Friday, September 21. You can submit proposals to the Downtown Memphis Commission to turn a metered parking space into a miniature park from 11 AM to 6 PM that day. Last year’s parks included a roller derby rink and an outdoor library.

Thomas from the Eat Local Memphis blog is back with two more posts about the Cochon 555 Heritage BBQ Fest happening Downtown this weekend. First of all, he has a “Meet the Chef” interview with Ryan Trimm of Sweet Grass, one of the competitors at the festival. Secondly, he has a post with general and ticket info about the festival. I’m very glad Thomas will be covering this festival this weekend, because I’ll be covering the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival happening at the same time and therefore I will miss the heritage pork fest.

Kooky Canuck has 99 cent Bud Light drafts all day Sunday, September 2. Sign doesn’t specify but the cups are most likely 12-ounce. That’s right around the corner from the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival, so it’s a good place to go if you need a quick break. It’s not within the festival boundaries, though, so I doubt to-go cups for the fest will be possible.

For the next three days, tickets to the Big Scoop ice cream Festival Saturday, September 29 at AutoZone Park are on sale for the half-off price of $5. Get tickets here. Proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House.

Mark (Marvelous) Baker performs at Bleu tonight, 7 PM. No cover.

It’s the last Wednesday of the Redbirds’ regular season, and therefore your last chance to get a field box ticket, 16 oz. PBR, and a PBR koozie for $10.

My plans for tonight are once again trivia at the Blind Bear at 8. I still need to get to bingo with Diamond Dave at the Brass Door, but the trivia team is so strong right now that I hate to miss it. Outta here for now, quick lunch then an afternoon of experimenting with WordPress categories.