White pizza @ Silly Goose

I wanted to try a white pizza at Aldo’s Pizza Pies tonight, but a final table appearance at Blind Bear poker prevented it. Aldo’s shuts down their kitchen at 10 PM weekdays, 11 PM weekends (I believe Thursday is included in the weekend).

What to do if you have a craving for pizza and Aldo’s is no longer serving? Walk down the street to the Silly Goose. They recently redesigned their menu to include more pizzas. A 12″ pizza is just $10. Olive oil, spinach, mozzarella cheese, ricotta. They have plenty of meat pizzas for the same price.

As good as Aldo’s? Impossible to say, because I have not yet had Aldo’s white pizza. But for the hour of the night at which I ordered it, the Goose’s white pizza is PAP (perfectly acceptable pizza). After a 10 minute walk home (funny how a 5 minute walk home turns into 10 after PBR is consumed), all I had to do was heat the slices in the microwave for 30 seconds and they were good to go.

Sorry for no other post today, but there just wasn’t that much news. I hope to be back tomorrow at lunch with something worth reading. If it’s not worth reading, I don’t post.

Back to Aldo’s. Maddison told me she’s bartending next Monday and she may wear a tube top. This needs to happen.

Okay. Drunk. Bedtime.