Fri update: South Main Trolley Tour, Vision Awards, Ghost River video tour, Bikes on Beale, pirate fair, NBA stopping flopping

It’s the last Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for South Main Trolley Tour. Many of the shops and galleries will be open from 6 to 9 PM this evening. Some shops offer appetizers and beer/wine; some offer discounts, and some restaurants in the area will try to lure you in with specials. There will be musicians and street performers, and the SMA will host a blood drive. Beautiful night to get out and mill around and meet your fellow Memphians. Also, Christmas is less than 3 months away, so it’s not too early to scour South Main for some unique holiday gift ideas.

Hoop City Memphis, makers of the “38103” shirt I’ve been wearing lately, will be at South of Beale selling their Memphis-themed apparel. It’s too bad they never took the suggestion to make a 38103 tube top that was requested by one of my readers.

Also at Trolley Tour, look for deep discounts at Delphinium, which is moving to an online presence only. There will be deep discounts at Shop Girl New York, which is about to move to a location in the core. More info on those businesses here.

Read about the recipients of 2012 Downtown Vision Awards here. These are people who have significantly contributed to Downtown’s advancement. The awards were presented yesterday at the DMC open house.

The FuzzyBrew blog has posted a video: Behind the scenes at Ghost River. Good to watch if you’re curious what goes on at a brewery.

Bikes on Beale, the Wednesday night gathering of motorcycles, has been extended through the end of October. Hampton Inn and Suites at Third and Beale sponsored the extension.

There’s a pirate fair on Mud Island this weekend. Yay.

Bad news for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin: The NBA is finalizing penalty procedures for flopping. “Flopping” is when a player hits the floor hard, in an attempt to make the referee believe that the opposing team had committed a foul. Many players in the NBA flop, especially in the playoffs. The L.A. Clippers are especially known for it.

Plans for tonight: I’m going to go to Trolley Tour, and tonight I plan to actually GO and walk around and look at what’s in the galleries. Too often I say I’m going to Trolley Tour and then make a beeline for Max’s Sports Bar or Double J. Hope to see you out on South Main this evening.