Sun update: Door guys, beer news, concert, Butcher Shop and more

So, I’ve been getting feedback from a small but vocal subset of my readers recently. One of the door guys at the Flying Saucer commented, “You mention the Saucer all the time but you never mention us. I understand, the girls in the skirts do and should get the lion’s share of the attention. But can you not give the door guys our 15 minutes of fame?”

So, here you go. This is Graham, who made the request. He does a fine job at the door.

In other Saucer news, one of the managers tells me there’s a rumor that double and triple dry-hopped Stone Ruination IPA may show up soon. I hope that’s true. Ruination is not cheap (last I checked it was $13 for a big bottle) but it’s the best India Pale Ale the Saucer has.

It’s time for another concert in Court Square. 2 Mule Plow will play from 4 to 6 this afternoon. Blankets and coolers are welcome. Pets too if you pick up after them.

I heard from someone who works there that the Butcher Shop on Front Street will close later this month. The owner wants to convert the building to apartments or condos. If you want to have one last meal there, better do it soon.

Congratulations to Michael Bean and Colin of the Blind Bear. Yesterday they entered a Blind Bear team into a chili cook-off benefiting The Exceptional Foundation of West Tennessee. They came in third. Bean hosts poker at the Bear tonight at 6:30.

Nice meeting Rick Trotter, the voice of YOUR. MEMPHIS. GRRRRRRRRRRRIZZLIES!!!!!!!!!!!! last night. I’ve got to to better about getting to games this season. The Grizzlies defeated Real Madrid last night 105-93, with a double-double for Marc Gasol and 18 points by Mike Conley.

Up too late to meet friends for brunch. I’ll probably hit the Blind Bear about noon, then the Saucer later in the day.