Tue update: WWE Smackdown @ FedExForum tonight, Downtown Dining Week and lots of other food news

The big event Downtown tonight is WWE Smackdown at the FedExForum. Friday’s TV show will be taped tonight. The main event is Sheamus defending his world title in a Triple Threat match with Alberto Del Rio and the Big Show. Also, Jerry “The King” Lawler will make his return after recovering from a heart attack last month. Other names to appear include Daniel Bryan, Kane, Cody Rhodes, and Sin Cara.

I don’t know why but I really hate Sin Cara. Remember several years ago, when Mr. McMahon beat up Eric Bischoff and threw him in the back of a garbage truck? I wish someone would do that to Sin Cara.

Kerry posted the Downtown Dining Week menus to her I Love Memphis blog yesterday. About half the restaurants are still listed as “menu coming soon,” but for those posted, I have a few comments:

1) Aldo’s Pizza Pies: Any appetizer with any 18 inch pizza for $20.12 is an incredible value. Some of the 18 inch pizzas run in the $25 range by themselves.

2) Bardog Tavern: The roasted chicken poblano chowder is an appetizer choice. GET IT. One of my very favorite specials. Many Saturdays I have eaten this delicious chowder while hanging out at Panda Manda’s bar with my “dawg” John D.

3) South of Beale: Duck fried rice. GET IT.

In other food news, the Memphis Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog has pics of the new Central BBQ Downtown location. Food looks fantastic. I really want some of those handmade chips with blue cheese.

If you’re in the mood for a road trip, the World Cheese Dip Championship will be decided this weekend over in Little Rock. The event is at the Clinton Presidential Center and tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door.

I wonder if Little Rock restaurant Mexico Chiquito will be competing? Their cheese dip is probably the best I’ve ever had.

I found a cool Mashable article about a New York restaurant that is using Instagram to enhance its menus. I wonder if that will catch on and be the next big thing with restaurants.

Tonight is the second presidential debate, and lots of debate drinking games are springing up. The president of the Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol-Free Foundation says “It is most disrespectful to the democratic process and just another immature excuse for excessive drinking.” Whatever, lady. Lighten up.

Bardog will be showing the debate in the Underdog Room, if you’re looking for a place to watch.

Fun night last night. I started at the Blind Bear, where one of my drinking buddies bragged about how much cooler she is than her mom and sister. About 9 I got a text from someone at the bar at Aldo’s Pizza Pies: “Maddison is asking why you’re not here.” You know you spend too much time in bars when that kind of thing starts happening. Anyway, we went over there, and Maddison proved that bald is beautiful as she served me a $3 Pint Nite Pacifico with extra limes. Next stop was the Silly Goose. I hate it that I haven’t played Muruako’s poker game the past couple of weeks, but there’s just so much else happening on Mondays. Next up I got my 110th consecutive day checked in at the Saucer out of the way, then took home a Senor Huey prepared as a turkey burger. Muy bueno. Excellent Monday night.

I absolutely must get to bed early and catch up on sleep, so no poker for me at the Blind Bear tonight. I’ll hit the Saucer for a few beers about 6, then that will probably be it.