Fri update: Blind Bear and other Halloween parties, Bardog expanding brunch/hiring brunch manager, Main-to-Main project, Barnyard Ball auction and more

The Halloween party season is now in full swing. Did you know that in the 1920s, Halloween was mainly for adults? It wasn’t until the 1940s that it became all about kids and trick-or-treating. So, come to the Blind Bear tonight and celebrate Halloween like it’s 1920 tonight. Jeremy Shrader, Pat Fusco, Sean Murphy and John Bass will play the sounds of the South from the Prohibition Era from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM. There will be drink, shot, and food specials.

You don’t have to be dressed in 1920s attire, but if you are, you can get a ’20s-style photo taken by Joey Miller. He’ll be there at 10. Party starts at 8 and lasts until close at 3. The staff will be dressed to the nines in ’20s attire and I will be too. There are several parties and events going on tonight – which I will cover shortly – but the Bear is my top pick.

It’s the last Friday in October, which means it’s Trolley Tour night down in South Main. A good plan would be to bring the kids to the area by the fire station, where there will be face painting, balloon art, and popcorn and cotton candy vendors starting at 6 PM. A better plan would be to leave the f***ing kids at home and go drink at one of the area’s fine watering holes like Max’s Sports Bar or the Double J. Costumes at Trolley Tour are encouraged. Many of the shops and galleries will be open, and some will be serving beer, wine, and appetizers. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

If you want to remain in South Main after Trolley Tour ends at 9, my recommendation would be to go listen to Reba Russell. She’ll be on the Front Porch stage at the Double J from 9 to 1.

If the Pinch is your preferred area of Downtown, TJ Mulligan’s is having their Halloween party tonight. Music by the Coons Rhythm Rockers, drink specials and prizes.

Bardog Tavern is looking to expand their Saturday and Sunday brunch. As of now they only have the upstairs open, but they want to expand and open the downstairs seating area too. To do this, they need to hire a Brunch Manager. Hours will be 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. If you are interested in this position hit up Aldo @bardogtavern on Twitter or go in and see him.

Great move on their part expanding the brunch. Seems like every Saturday I sit at the bar with John D, and the place fills up and they have to turn away customers. Soon more people will be able to enjoy that delicious lobster sandwich.

The Daily News has a good article on the public meeting this week about the Main-to-Main connector. Grant money will be used to improve Main Street and convert the Harahan bridge into a pedestrian walkway. The article has lots of good info on time frames and on what grant money can be used for what part of the project. It’s pretty complex and will be ongoing for several years.

The Memphis Farmers Market posted a pic of the case of Jack Daniels Honey Tennessee Whiskey that they will auction off at the “Barnyard Ball” harvest celebration Sunday, November 4. Not too late to get tickets!

Haha… a Facebook discussion last night led to someone getting a new nickname: “Flavorable Flav.” Apologies if my Central BBQ review didn’t contain enough non-words, 60-word sentences, overuse of for as a conjunction, and random “words” in quotes for no apparent reason. I apologize also for my proper subject-verb agreement and my understanding of singular vs. plural in the Central post. Maybe someone else can review Central and compare how their food holds up to the BBQ that’s been sitting under the heat lamp all day at the Mapco Food Mart on Chelsea.

Plans for tonight: First of all, I have to stop by Shelton Clothiers and pick up a couple of Pink Pig fleece jackets that they have on hold for me. Buy an item, get a second half-off sale through the end of October – sweet! After I get home I’ll change into the gangster costume, hit the Saucer for a couple of warm-up beers, then wander over to the big party. Come join me at the Bear and we’ll party 1920s style!