Quick Thursday update

Freddy Kruger and Jesus having a drink at the Silly Goose Halloween party

Tonight is the Justin Bieber concert at the FedExForum. It is sold out, doors open at 5:30, show is scheduled to start about 7:10 and end around 9:40. Two things to keep in mind: First of all, traffic and parking will be a headache. Whether you’re going to the concert or just coming home from work, allow yourself extra time.

The second thing is that the people-watching should be exquisite – possibly even better than it was at the Justin Timberlake concert a few years back. If you’re not going to the concert, where to go people-watch? I hate to say it, because this isn’t normally a venue I recommend, but the second-floor patio at Alfred’s is probably the best place. The window seats at the Flying Saucer would also be good bets, and unlike earlier this week it’s warm enough for them to open the garage windows.

Grantland had a great story about Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins yesterday. I’m sure new owner Robert Pera will make some changes, but I hope the head coach is not one of them. From everything I’ve read, Hollins the type of coach players respect and love to play for.

Victorian Village will have a “Tent Revival” Sunday, November 11. There will be live music by Di Anne Price, Cypress Creek Bluegrass, Adams Avenue Camerata, and the Independent Presbyterian Church Choir. The Mallory-Neely House will reopen that day, and there will be Southern catfish dinners by Trolley Stop Market. For more details see the Victorian Village website.

I’m enjoying my half day off work; I go in at 1. I had an Emergency Eggsit breakfast burrito from Elliott’s this morning. Harry saw me at the register and asked if I wanted to kick it up a bit with extra jalapenos and spicy Western seasoning. Of course I did. So good.

Fun night last night. Started at the Silly Goose for their Fireball Fear party, then hopped in a car and headed to Victorian Village for Mollie Fontaine’s Halloween party. It was a blast but it got super crowded. We decided to call a cab and head back Downtown. Once again, 577-7777 got us nowhere and 323-3333 had us a cab in 5 minutes. Hurry up and fix your dispatch system, Yellow Cab! Once Downtown we decided to skip the rest of the Halloween party madness and go to the Blind Bear instead.

I’ve noticed that the past few months the Bear has become my default go-to spot when I have no definite plan for what to do next. Odd because for years the Saucer played that role. And it’s not that the Saucer has done anything to turn me off… it’s just that the Bear is that damn good. Good atmosphere, good crowd. And they have PBR on draft.

All right, time to drive to Horn Lake and probably find 8 hours worth of work to do in my 4-hour day. Tonight I’ll park a couple of levels higher in the garage than usual thanks to The Biebs, then I’ll go out and people-watch.