National Stout Week November 5-9

Next Monday-Friday, the Flying Saucer will celebrate National Stout Week. Every day they will tap a new rare stout beer. Here’s the lineup:

Even if you’re not a fan of dark beers, this is a good chance to try something different and educate yourself on this style of beer. I plan on trying all five. At the very least, I’ll get five beers knocked off the list toward my seventh plate at the Saucer.

Of particular interest is the Lazy Magnolia Cask Bourbon Oak Age on Friday. If you’ve never had cask beer, it’s worth trying for that reason alone, regardless of what you think of stouts. Cask beer doesn’t necessarily taste different than keg beer, but the mouthfeel is different. There’s less carbonation in cask beer, so there are fewer bubbles and it’s smoother, creamier, silkier. This particular beer will be poured from an oak barrel that was once used to age bourbon, which will surely add extra nuances to the flavor.

If you want to learn about beer, there’s no place better than the Saucer. Come check out National Stout Week and experience this style of beer.