Random Saturday stuff

BREAKING NEWS: Shawn Danko from Kooky Canuck just checked in on Foursquare at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. His cooking team has made it to the final table! GOOD LUCK SHAWN!!! We’re all rooting for you back here in Memphis!

This is going to be a lot less organized than my typical “daily update” post, as I attempt to clear the cobwebs from the final Halloween party last night.

The first item today is for cigar lovers. Last night I was at the bar at the Saucer. I had tentative plans to meet a friend at the Bear, but I was nearly falling asleep standing up and knew I needed to call it a night. So I paid my tab (I think I paid my tab; if not I’ll surely hear about it from Christina in a little while) and wandered up to Huey’s for Paul’s Drunkass Food. On the walk there, I noticed that Havana Mix, the cigar shop on Second, was empty. Then I saw this sign in the window:

Havana Mix has moved around the corner to Peabody Place west of Third, next door to Hooters. I believe that would be the old South Philly space. It seems like a less desirable location based on foot traffic, but it’s a bigger space and they can probably expand their lounge. I’m not a smoker so I never went in, but they had really nice leather couches and HDTVs for their customers to relax and enjoy their cigar. Hope they do well in the new space.

Starting next week, the National Civil Rights Museum will partially close for renovations. There are many ways to make museum exhibits more experiential – audio, video, interactive displays – than were possible when the museum first opened 21 years ago. The museum’s curators plan to modernize the displays and make it a true 21st century experience. During the renovations, the museum’s annex across Mulberry will still be open to visitors. Later this month the museum will open access to the balcony where Dr. King stood, something that has never before been done.

Last night, I attended the South Main Dirty Dozen party in the back room of Earnestine & Hazel’s. This is a private party thrown by about a dozen South Mainers every year to raise funds for the Church Health Center. It was the final Halloween party of the season, and there were plenty of costumes. My personal “best costume” award goes to Ruchee.

Not exactly sure what she was trying to be, but who cares… she had a TUBE TOP on!!!!! Excellent costume! It looked like a lot of money was raised for the Church Health Center, one of Memphis’ most excellent charities.

Tonight is a big party night as well, because we fall back an hour. That means the bars won’t close until what would otherwise be 4 AM! Don’t forget to set your clocks back.

I noticed that my birthday falls on a Sunday Fun Day this year (it’s not tomorrow, but soon), so you better believe I took the following Monday as a vacation day. No definite plans for that day (and I don’t want plans made for me), just plan on doing what I usually do on Sundays, but more of it.

I’d like to give a shout-out to a former Downtown diva this morning. Six months ago you could have found her stylin’ on the Majestic’s patio with a flatbread… or on Local’s patio having mimosas with her bestie… or at the bar at the Blind Bear or Silly Goose having lively conversation with friends… or in her team’s booth at BBQ Fest, enjoying pork shoulder and festive beverages overlooking the river. What’s she up to this weekend? THIS.

“Antique Tractor Judging.” Oh my God. I guarantee you that’s not the only “judging” going on right now. Also, I see no evidence on the festival website that booze will be sold. What’s the point then?

Although, now that I think about it… you know what would go well with sweet potatoes? Fireball. I’ll have to ask our local Fireball ambassador if he has any recipes when I see him tonight. I will probably need to change the subject at some point and this is a perfect topic with which to do it.

I’ll wrap up this post with “The Book of Holy Hammered,” a costume prop which I only took with me one of the three days I portrayed the Jesus character:

It’s designed to look like a Bible but is actually “The Book of Holy Hammered,” perhaps a more appropriate book to take to the parties I attended Downtown. At the time I bought it I didn’t realize it was anything more than a fake book. I thought the $12.95 price tag was a little steep, but I wanted to do the costume right. When I opened it, however, I discovered it was not a book at all. It was a way to conceal a flask and two glasses. The flask was for “Reverend Horton Hammered.”

This is way too cool a prop to only use one year. Next year I guess I’ll have to be a reverend, or a priest, or a monk, so I can bring the book back out. Thing is, though, I don’t exactly frequent priests’ place of business so I don’t really know what they wear or what they do. If any priests are reading this, how about taking a Sunday off, and joining me at the bar at the Majestic to explain what you do? I’ll buy you a couple of mimosas or some PBR.

Time to run down to the Corkscrew to pick up a new bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon. What little I had left went in the flask. Tentative plan is Saucer at 4, then Brass Door at 6 for a birthday party. Undetermined after that, but not very likely I will remain with the birthday party crew for their second stop. Forecast for today: High 83, low 44. Yeah that’ll be easy to plan an outfit for. Do I burn up in my Pink Pig fleece from Shelton this afternoon, or freeze to death walking home?