Mon update: Basketball news, Beetle to open for breakfast, Aldo’s/beer, Downtown Dining Week

Huge basketball day here in Memphis. At 10 this morning, Robert Pera, the new principal owner of the Grizzlies, held a press conference introducing himself, the new ownership team, and new CEO Jason Levien to the city. I didn’t get to see the conference live, but comments I saw later on Twitter certainly indicate that the new owners are seriously committed to Memphis.

While the conference was going on, however, an even bigger piece of Memphis basketball news came across the wire – and it was not about the Grizzlies. Briarcrest Christian power forward Austin Nichols committed to the University of Memphis. ranks him #6 at his position and #19 in the country. He’s a huge get for Josh Pastner, especially considering Pastner out-recruited Duke’s Coach K on this one.

Awesome day for Memphis basketball, and it’s not over yet. The Grizzlies’ home opener is tonight at the FedExForum at 7, and tickets are still available.

The Green Beetle will start serving breakfast on Wednesday, November 7. They will open at 7 AM. Good to see breakfast options expanding for those who live and work in the South Main district.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at Aldo’s Pizza Pies to visit Maddison and grab lunch. The manager told me that they are getting rid of imports like Bass and Harp and making room for more beers from smaller craft breweries on their 30-tap wall. Sounds like a good move . Now I’ll have an additional venue besides the Saucer where I can go and try new and interesting beers.

I take notes on Evernote when I’m out and hear things for the blog. Usually I translate them into something more readable but this line is so good I’m pasting as is: “Sob has laughing skull. Also I hear great things about their brussels sprouts . Aldo’s has that beer too” (Sob = South of Beale)

I had the antipasto salad at Aldo’s for lunch. I’ll do a separate food post on it later.

Today is the start of Downtown Dining Week, with dozens of restaurants offering three-course meals or other dining values for the low price of $20.12. I have the over/under for how many dinners the Nuh-Uh Girl will eat this week at 16.

Plans for tonight: Pint Nite at the Saucer for sure. Also possible stops at Aldo’s Pizza Pies (also Pint Nite), Silly Goose (poker at 8:30), Blind Bear.