Nothing like spending Thanksgiving with friends. Today I biked over to Mud Island and met about 9 friends for Thanksgiving dinner.

My friend Bicycle Bobby fried a turkey. We also had ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, green bean casserole, potatoes au gratin, broccoli casserole, biscuits, salad, asparagus, and about 5 or 6 other dishes I’m forgetting. This was my plate:

It must have taken me 45 minutes to get through it. All of it delicious, but I think the mashed potatoes were the overall winner. I caught a lucky break and caught a ride back to the Downtown core with my bike in the back of a friend’s truck, so I didn’t have to deal with crossing the steep A.W. Willis Ave. bridge on a full stomach. Normally I get tired of seeing “I’m thankful for _____” posts all over Facebook and Twitter around the holiday, but I truly am thankful to have such a great group of friends.

Another good thing about Thanksgiving is that I get to see out-of-towners who rarely visit Memphis.

The image above was taken last night at the Blind Bear. A suburbanite (on the left) who currently lives in Mississippi traveled to Memphis for Thanksgiving with her bestie Beth (on the right) and her dad (not pictured). You never know who you’re going to see at the Bear.

As for why I didn’t go home to Little Rock, I’m technically on call right now. My company, which sanctions the card game bridge, is having one of its three national yearly tournaments in San Francisco right now (you may remember the spring tournament being here in March). That doesn’t mean I can’t go out at all – in fact I plan on hitting the Flying Saucer at 5 – but I need to take it a little easy in case I run home to the computer, so no shots tonight. If I don’t hear from the people in San Fran by 9 or 10 PM things are probably good.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and maybe I’ll see you out tonight.