Fri update: Open PR position, Do Good with Food, Unveil South Main, Tigers, Grizzlies, Black Friday

Thanksgiving weekend and not much is going on. I’ll do the best I can but this post won’t be a long one.

RedRover Sales & Marketing, one of Downtown Memphis’ best companies, has a Public Relations Account Executive position open. The Memphis office is located at 415 S. Front, so one of the perks of the job is that you’d be able to walk to Gus’s for lunch.

There will be a “Do Good with Food” party Tuesday night, November 27 from 6 to 8 PM at 514 S. Main. The party will benefit the Mid-South Food Bank. They are asking attendees to bring non-perishable proteins.

On Friday, November 30 there will be an Unveil South Main party at Jack Robinson Gallery, 44 Huling, from 5 to 7 PM. Twenty artists have been selected to have their work on display at South Main restaurants and retailers from November 30 to December 19. The party at Jack Robinson Gallery will honor all the selected artists, then from 7 to 9 there will be parties for the individual artists at their respective exhibit locations. Learn more about the artists here.

Tigers game last night was painful to watch. My suggestion would be to start Antonio Barton in place of Joe, and Shaq Goodwin in place of Ferrakohn Hall. Or if you want to start someone who has been around and worked hard enough, long enough to earn a starting spot, D.J. Stephens in place of Ferrakohn Hall. And tell all the guards to stop jacking up so many threes and get the ball inside to the bigs more. Really, though, I’m not sure if any of that will help. On our first possession, when VCU’s defense was all over the Tigers and they couldn’t respond, I was pretty sure we were going to lose.

If you want to see winning basketball, there’s this team called the Grizzlies who play at the FedExForum tonight. They play the L.A. Lakers.

It’s Black Friday. I hope you slept until 10 AM, and now you’re getting up to go shop at a locally-owned merchant. I have already got the majority of my Christmas shopping done and I did it in less than a five-minute walk from my front door. Right now, I’m headed out to do some ACT math tutoring while drinking beer.