Mon update #2: Confessions of a Volunteer, Globetrotters Groupon, carb-up specials for runners, Central BBQ news, new fleece colors @ Shelton, Bardog reviving poker night

I’ve been hearing good stuff on Twitter about a really good blog called Confessions of a Volunteer, but I hadn’t had time to check it out. Today I did while eating a Frosty for lunch, and it’s really good. It’s written by a woman who is volunteering at 30 different Memphis nonprofits and charities, and writing about her experiences. It really introduces the reader to the rich depth of volunteer opportunities in our city. If you have been thinking about volunteering but you’re not sure where you’d like to pitch in, Confessions of a Volunteer will give you plenty of ideas.

There’s a Groupon available this week to see the Harlem Globetrotters on Saturday, January 12 at 7 PM. There are two options, for $31 and for $50. Go here to get the deal.

Running the Memphis Marathon Saturday? Here is a list of restaurants serving Friday evening carb-up specials to runners.

Central BBQ has announced that they are extending the $10 rib special until Christmas at the Downtown location.

If you’ve seen me around Downtown this month, you may have seen my two new beautiful Pink Pig fleece jackets from Shelton Clothiers. Based on a Facebook post I saw today, it looks like they’ve added some new colors. Current color selection includes cream, charcoal, red, and olive green. Tom Shelton has pointed out to me several times that the red ones could be considered Razorback red. They’re $79.50 each and Shelton has a buy one, get one half off special until the end of November. The fleeces are medium-weight and will keep you warm down to about 45 degrees.

Bardog Tavern is reviving its weekly Wednesday poker night. They have ordered 14-gram denominated chips and new double-indexed Copag cards. Start time is 7 PM in the Underdog room.

If you don’t want to wait until Wednesday to play poker, Muruako hosts a game tonight at the Silly Goose, 8:30 PM.

Going to heat up a slice of Aldo’s pizza then head out to the bars. Undecided whether I’ll play poker.