Wed update #2: Blues Trail marker unveiling, 48 Hour Launch for women’s businesses, how Costco became the anti-Walmart, why the tech talent gap may hurt the GOP, Petrino a snake who is sure to get hired

Earlier this year, the City Council and the Tennessee House of Representatives designated Highway 61 and all of Third Street in Downtown as the Memphis Blues Trail. Friday at 1 PM, the first Blues Trail marker will be unveiled at Third and Gayoso, the site of a blues-inspired mural collection by local artist George Hunt. Mr. Hunt will be on hand for the unveiling, and there will be live music by Blind Mississippi Morris and Brad Webb.

LaunchMemphis will hold a special 48 Hour Launch, Women’s Edition December 7-9. The idea of 48 Hour Launch is to completely get a new business up and running in the course of a weekend. This special edition will focus on empowering more women through our entrepreneurial ecosystem. Although women’s businesses will be launched, all (women and men) are invited to get on board and be a part of the development team. Your skills are needed. For more info and tickets to the event, go here.

Good article on the New York Times site on How Costco became the anti-Walmart. So wait, it really is possible to provide a decent wage, decent treatment, and health insurance to employees while running a profitable business? Whaddaya know. The article speaks well of Costco’s thoughtful inventory selection and excellent customer service too. If you must shop at a big-box retailer this holiday season, don’t drive across the bridge to West Memphis Walmart… visit a retailer that takes care of its employees.

Also on the NY Times site, the FiveThirtyEight blog has an analysis of why the technology talent gap in Silicon Valley and other tech centers may hurt the GOP in the future.

Posting this for my fellow Arkansas fans to see: Petrino’s a snake but some win-starved program will let him in the house. Unfortunately this is true. It’s also why Bruce Pearl will have a head coaching job at some university in about 18 months. Good luck to whomever hires Petrino, and please don’t issue him a company motorcycle as part of the benefits package.

Home from my two mayorship bars. Time for sleep then back at it tomorrow.