Goose eggs @ Silly Goose

The Silly Goose recently rearranged its menu, adding some new items and deleting some old ones. One of the new menu additions, Goose Eggs, are actually not eggs at all.

They bake sausage and cream cheese inside a flaky pastry to make the Goose Eggs. You get 3 per order. Here’s a look at what’s inside a Goose Egg:

The picture really doesn’t do this Goose Egg justice. The taste is rich, creamy, sausage-y. The pastry crust is flaky yet strong enough to hold together when you bite into it. I recommend cutting the Goose Eggs in half to eat them, as I did in the pic above. This is one of the best new appetizers I’ve put in my mouth Downtown in quite some time. At under $7, they’re affordable and enough to fill up a person of average-sized appetite. In fact, they were so rich that I couldn’t finish my last half an egg. After staring at it for a few minutes I told bartender Dusty I was giving up and he threw it away. About 10 minutes later, the Nuh-Uh Girl arrived, just barely too late to help out with leftovers.

This is seriously a dish I would make a special trip to the Goose for – and, in fact, I did yesterday. I sampled half a Goose Egg off someone’s plate Saturday night. It was so good that when I got hungry yesterday afternoon, I tabbed out down the street and walked over.

Meanwhile, the recently-returned Woody A. Long was making himself comfortable on the couch – perhaps a little too comfortable.

No poker game tonight, but if I get hungry while I’m out it’s entirely possible I’ll wander over for another order of Goose Eggs.