I shopped local this Christmas

Since winter weather will prevent me from getting to Little Rock today, I called my mother and told her what she got for Christmas. Since it was a local purchase, I might as well tell you about it too. Besides, this way she will get to see a photo of her present.

It’s a Foley & Corinna leather purse from Shop Girl New York. When I posted photos of the store’s new Main Street Mall location last month, she commented what a beautiful purse it was. So the following Saturday I went down there and bought it.

I will admit I had absolutely no idea what purses cost. Every female I’ve told about the purse purchase asked, “It was more than you thought, wasn’t it?” It was indeed. Still, the purse was considerably cheaper than the iPad that was my mother’s Christmas gift two years ago, so it was within my price range.

It’s so easy to find quality Christmas gifts without leaving the 38103. Why not let the suburbanites have Wolfchase and keep your dollars Downtown for Christmas 2013?