Merry Christmas to all my readers…

… And because I represent no company or organization other than myself on this blog, I can say Merry Christmas rather than the more generic “Happy Holidays.” The world has gotten too PC. I remember watching an episode of All in the Family from sometime around 1978. Archie’s grandson Joey got a stuffed panda for Christmas and Archie called it “a chinky bear.” Can’t say stuff like that in 2012. Might offend someone!

The big story today is the weather. As of the time I’m writing this (about 9:30 Christmas morning) we are under a Winter Weather Advisory and a Wind Advisory for tonight and tomorrow morning. Estimates of the amount of snow we will get range from “nothing” to “1-3 inches.” However, there is a Blizzard Warning only two counties to the west and north of us, and they have moved the predicted line for heavy snow south in the past 24 hours.

Wonder how people are going to run to the grocery stores to stock up on bread and milk, when the grocery stores are closed for Christmas?

Anyway, the best place to get your weather information is Their blog has a summary of the snow predictions for tonight. They also have a very good Twitter account, @memphisweather1, and a good StormWatch+ smartphone app.

Due to the weather, I won’t make it over to Little Rock today to visit family. My friends who live in Barton Flats have invited me to come spend Christmas with them. I have to admit, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what their kids got for Christmas. Gotta remember to save the Downtown gossip that is not kid-friendly for a later time though, which is a shame because there’s some juicy stuff to discuss. Our Mexican friend Mardoqueo is in town and we’re making paella – or rather, he’s making paella while I sit around and drink the PBR I found in my fridge yesterday.

That reminds me… yesterday there was a knock on my door. My wonderful neighbor Konica dropped off this Christmas present:

Red Brick Brick Mason Double IPA! Nice! I’ll have one later today.

I’ll be out this evening after some of the bars open at 5. Saucer is closed all day, so either Silly Goose or Blind Bear will likely be my first stop. The Blind Bear will have its Tuesday poker game at 8. A lot of the regulars won’t be there, so it could be an opportunity to slip in and score an easy 50 Bear Bucks.

That’s all for now. Merry Christmas everyone! I won’t mind at all if this predicted snow moves father south than expected and turns my 4-day weekend into a 5-day weekend.