Thur update: Liberty Bowl events, Globetrotters Groupon, Double J moves stage, Soup Sunday tickets on sale, and a New Year’s Eve “bah, humbug”

BREAKING NEWS: Club Crave has been closed by the Environmental Court as a public nuisance. Press conference to be held in front of the club today at 1. Action News 5 will broadcast the press conference. Pic of sign posted on the club’s front door. This is the building formerly known as the Plush Club. Many fights and shootings have happened in the vicinity of the club over the years.

Liberty Bowl events get into full swing beginning today. Tonight there’s a team welcome party at 5:30 at AutoZone Park. $25 admission. Of more general interest to Downtown Memphians will be a couple of events Sunday. The Liberty Bowl Parade happens at 3 PM Sunday. I’ve been to it before and it’s bigger and more corporate than parades the locals put together for events like St. Pat’s. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, just different. Insider tip: If you aren’t driving, go to Wet Willie’s and get a Call-a-Cab (super strong fruit punch daiquiri) to drink while you watch the parade. Following the parade there will be a Bash on Beale, starting with a pep rally in Handy Park at 5.

Welcome Iowa State and Tulsa fans! If you have questions about what to do Downtown, shoot me an email at or hit me up on Twitter at @paulryburn. I also do “office hours” at the Flying Saucer at Second and Peabody Place, and will be happy to answer questions. When I’m there you can usually find me standing in the vicinity of the glass T-shirt case at the bar.

The Harlem Globetrotters will be here January 12. If you want to see them, you can buy discounted tickets on Groupon for the next four days.

Double J Smokehouse and Saloon moved their Front Porch Stage. It’s now at the front of the main room, next to the front door, instead of along the side of the room only a couple of feet away from the bar. You can view a photo of it here.

Tickets to Soup Sunday are on sale now. Soup Sunday is a fundraiser for Youth Villages. Attendees walk around the FedExForum lobby and sample soup and other goodies from about 60 Memphis restaurants. The date is February 24. This year food trucks will be added to the mix, and your ticket will also get you into the Lady Tigers home game that afternoon.

I’m getting people asking me where to go Downtown for New Year’s Eve. I am absolutely the wrong person to ask. I HATE New Year’s Eve. I hate high cover charges. I hate overcrowded bars. I hate amateurs who can’t hold their liquor. I hate long lines at the bar. I hate long lines for the restrooms. I hate people who try to act like big shots that night. I’m weighing several options for New Year’s Eve, and as of right now “just stay home” looks like the best choice. If I could be The Grinch Who Stole New Year’s Eve, I would. New Year’s Eve is to the bars what Black Friday is to Walmart.

So, sorry for the non-answer on the NYE question, but the first rule of blogging is “write about what you love,” and I have no love for New Year’s Eve. Kerry has an excellent post about NYE events that should give you some helpful tips. Also check out The Memphis Flyer’s NYE guide for even more information.

Thinking about hitting the South Main area for a while tonight, although I won’t make it in time for poker at Max’s Sports Bar. Time to go grab lunch and celebrate Crave’s closing!