Stumbling Santa

A couple of pics and a quick recap of the Stumbling Santa pub crawl tonight.

Prior to the start of the 7 PM pub crawl, I pre-gamed at the Silly Goose where a friend was having an early birthday celebration. Here’s a pic of Bee and me in our Santa outfits. Note that Bee’s outfit is a tube top, which she had to pull up quite frequently.

Crawl started at the Saucer, which was insanely crowded… but remember, every guest who came in brought a toy for Porter-Leath, so it was crowded in a good way. At 8:30 we moved on to Coyote Ugly, and with the weather in the 60s I decided to buy a PBR and remain outside. Band in front of New Daisy had a guitarist doing Hendrix on the guitar with his teeth. At 9 I decided to leave for Dancin’ Jimmy’s early and beat the rush.

Above: Katie Mac and friends at Dancin’ Jimmy’s. Next stop was Silky’s, where I hung out on the patio with my friends Gary and Brian.

Everything was fine, and I was standing just outside the courtyard aisle. That’s until these two couples came up and nearly did everything in the aisle. Kissing, groping, grabbing, grinding. Now, I’m not saying I never did that at the original Raiford’s, but when it happened 1) we weren’t in the aisle and 2) we weren’t out in the open where the entire courtyard could (and did) watch. After ten million people tried to get through and I had to explain to them “excuse me, but I’m trying to get out of the way of these two couples about to fuck,” I decided it was time for the next bar a half hour early.

The next bar was the final stop, Purple Haze. Unfortunately they had a sorority party and were not ready for us yet. So I headed up to Peabody Place. My friends who had been at Silly Goose had gone already, and it was ridiculously crowded, and I had a Santa suit on. So I went next door to the Saucer and found the entire window facing Peabody Place open. 63 degrees out in December? Score!!!

One of my longtime Facebook friends/blog readers, Lindsay, happened by and she and her friend came in to hang out. Her friend had a sweater on that would probably win the Majestic’s December 20 ugly sweater contest. Lindsay and I have never met in person but have been Facebook friends for years. She asked for my #1 recommendation for her life. Upon hearing she was a sports fan and had never been to Max’s Sports Bar, I knew what to say. “Go the next night there’s an away Grizzlies game,” I told her. “They call it Grizzville there. You will love it.” We discovered our friends Matt and Stevana were mutual friends and all hung out for a while.

That’s the quick overview. I would be surprised if there were less than 1000 for Stumbling Santa this year. Kudos to Bob, Roland, Saucer management, Mother Nature, and everyone else who pulled this off.

Time for bed. Will be back out 11-noonish.

Never played Angry Birds in my life but…

… it’s my toy for Stumbling Santa.

This isn’t a video game. It’s a game where you build stuff and then shoot birds at it. Or something. Like I say I’ve never played the game. Cards are involved and there are several different levels. Seth from Best Memphis Burger says his kid has it and it’s fun. I hope the Porter-Leath kids like it.

Noise from the St. Jude Marathon woke me up early this morning. Well, I guess if there’s a valid reason for being awakened, that’s it. I was in the middle of a dream where Ben Franklin had come back to life, and I wondered if Ben Franklin was actually Jesus and no one in the 18th century knew it.

Suburbanite who ran in the 5K

Congrats to all my friends who ran in the marathon, half marathon, or the 5K today. My friend Mary Pat came up from Huntsville to run in the race. Also, the suburbanite who has been pictured on this blog recently ran in the 5K and raised a bunch of money. As I type this she’s checked in at the Brass Door post-race. I guess the Horn Lake Chuck E. Cheese isn’t open yet. She didn’t respond to my text asking if she’d be wearing Spandex when she runs, which I thought was rather rude.

Beer news: The Flying Saucer has Shiner Cheer on draft for the holiday season. It’s a Dunkelweizen brewed with peaches and roasted pecans. Also, the Saucer is tapping Goose Island IPA today and it’s the Fire Sale for $3 a pint. Good to see that Goose Island products have finally made it to Memphis. I’ve had the IPA at the Little Rock Saucer and it is delicious.

Football news: Max’s Sports Bar will open at 1:30 today for the conference championship games. Shift change will happen at 6:30.

Be careful if you order food at any stop on the Stumbling Santa pub crawl tonight. The Nuh-Uh Girl is listed as going, and if you eat you may find her at your table, asking “Can I have a biiiiitttte? :)” I don’t know how you vocalize a smiley but I’m pretty sure she can do it if she thinks it will get her food.

Speaking of food: A new Holiday Deli & Ham opened up the street from where I work in Horn Lake. I went in yesterday and got a 1 lb. tub of ham salad ($7.99) and egg and olive salad ($4.29 I think). That was lunch yesterday and enough left over to put in the fridge and snack on all weekend. Pretty good deal. I thought I’d be paying more in the neighborhood of $10 for that ham salad.

My friend Dennis (husband of Mary Pat, who ran in the race) went to the unveiling of the first Blues Trail marker yesterday. He texted me a few pics.

The first marker
Artist George Hunt
Blind Mississippi Morris

That’ll do it for now. I’m going to hit Panda Manda’s bar at Bardog at 11 for a couple of quick PBRs, then over to Christina’s bar at Saucer to try one of those Goose Island IPAs. Not sure if my “DAWG” John D will be joining me at Bardog this morning since he will have to fight marathon traffic coming in from Midtown. I’ll come home to rest mid-afternoon, then at 7 it will be time to stumble. Hope to see you on the pub crawl tonight.