I am about to have goose nachos

gooseWell, actually, they’re not goose nachos. I mean, I’ve seen chicken nachos a lot. I think once or twice in my 11 years Downtown, I’ve seen duck nachos. I’ve never actually seen goose nachos. I’m eating beef nachos that I brought home from the Silly Goose after I got done playing poker. That’s what I mean by goose nachos.

You know what though? Some posh foo-foo restaurant Downtown should totally add goose nachos to the menu. They could probably charge $29 for it. As an appetizer. I’d pay it. Just because geese swim around our pond every year at work in the spring, and I’m curious what one tastes like.

Even in Manhattan – certainly one of the top two or three culinary capitals of the world – I think goose nachos would be a hit. You could even go as high as $79 there. I mean, if you’re paying $3500 on 81st Street for a decent apartment and parking, you can afford $79, right?

It would have to be prepared right though. If you opened the microwave door and turned the goose over after 2 minutes 42 seconds and lifted one corner of the film for venting, the goose could come out a bit gamey. Preparing goose nachos is best left to the professionals.

Anyway, I’m going to eat my beef nachos from the Goose and go to bed. As you may have guessed I’ve had a few beers tonight. Perhaps the next post will make more sense.