Tue update 2: Instragram, Fix the Beer Tax event (more info), marketing strategist and sales trainer jobs open

Social photo-sharing service Instagram has made a stride this month. There was a time when you couldn’t view anything on Instagram anywhere but your smartphone. A few months ago, they made user profiles web-visible. Now you can actually view your feed on the web, and see all your friends’ photos there. More details here.

Got more info on the Fix the Beer Tax event. It will be from 5-7 PM Friday at the Young Avenue Deli. If you like good craft beer and would support changes in state laws that would make it easier for craft breweries to open here, why not show up?

Downtown firm Red Rover is hiring. They’re looking for a marketing strategist and sales trainer. More details here.

Quick shout-outs to some people. First of all, I heard Gary Parrish mentioned me on his radio show (afternoon drive-time, 92.9 FM) after I reviewed the Gary Parrish Roll at Bluefin. One of my co-workers told me about the mention today. Shout-out to Gary, and to Geoff Calkins, one of my favorite sports columnists, who’s on the show as well.

Also a shout-out to Dusty from the Silly Goose. They ran out of PBR cans last night, and he went out and borrowed some from another bar so I could have my favorite beer for poker night. They’re fully restocked today.

Headed there now for a PBR. Saucer after the Grizzlies crowd leaves at 7, TBD after that.