Tue update: Self-defense class, new Downtowner, Madison rooftop plans, Fix the Beer Tax, Fireball news, and “lunch”

OK, so the blog is more or less going to suck this week. Last week, I was in software training with a 30 minute lunch. This week, I’m in software training with a 30 minute lunch, and I’m covering for another programmer who resigned last Friday. Just nonstop busy around here.

Want to learn how to better protect yourself? There will be a Common Sense Self-Defense workshop Saturday, February 16 from 11 to 2 at Envison, the gym and health club in the third floor of the Cadre Building, Second at Monroe. I know one of the instructors, Mark Akin, personally, and he is excellent. (If the name sounds familiar, he bartends at Majestic as well.) $50 gym members, $60 everyone else, $75 couples. More info: www.cssds.com / www.envisionmemphis.com

Speaking of the Majestic Grille, congratulations to owners Patrick and Deni Reilly on the birth of their baby boy Seamus! He was born at 3:05 PM on Saturday.

The Madison Hotel rooftop is being remodeled. It will become the Twilight Sky Terrace, open every day from 4 PM to midnight. It will have its own menu, with small plates and craft cocktails. More info and artist rendering here.

Follow @FixTheBeerTax on Twitter for more info about an event they will have Friday. This is the attempt to reform Tennessee tax law to make the state more friendly to craft breweries.

Going to the Grizzlies home game tonight? Show your ticket stub at the Silly Goose for $3 Fireball during happy hour.

So, back to my lunch. When one has a 30-minute lunch break, and spends half of it typing a blog post, what’s on the menu? This.

Photo Feb 05, 12 32 47 PM

This is a “pizza stick” from the Exxon Tiger Mart at the corner of Interstate 51 and Nail Road in Horn Lake. With tax it was $1.28.  As my friend Pepe’ El Desatascador might write, “Zeeee pizza stick hwas not very flavorable weeeth aromas of imitation cheeeeese and pepperoni. She taste like she sit unnner zee heat lamp fo at least threeeeee days.”

Back to class. I’ll be out this evening at the usual places.