Sat update 2: Ingram Hill @ Handy Park, gourmet pizza cooking class, Project Homeless Connect needs volunteers

More news that I missed in the earlier post this morning.

Ingram Hill plays Handy Park on Beale Street tonight at 7 PM. More info here. Think I may have seen a couple of the band members earlier this week. Can’t remember where though.

There’s a cooking class on cooking gourmet pizzas tomorrow at My Urban Workspace.

Project Homeless Connect is looking for volunteers for their third annual event at Cook Convention Center. Over 40 nonprofits come together to help the homeless connect with the services they need. There will be a barber shop, help getting benefits, medical and vision screenings, help getting IDs, housing resources, legal services, employment registrations, and more. There are many different areas in which they need volunteers. Learn how to volunteer here. The event will be Thursday, February 14, from 8 AM to 4 PM.

That’ll do it for now. Heading to Bardog for panda time.