Aldo, your grandmother has some huge balls

So, Sunday I went to the Majestic for mimosas. Then I went to the Goose for PBR. Then I went to the Saucer for Dos Equis Lager. Then I went to the Blind Bear and played poker. I came in third in poker. I didn’t remember this until Muruako, who had also played that night, messaged me on Facebook “Congrats on third in poker!” Ashley – one of my favorite bartenders ever who used to work at Brass Door – and her friend Krista – were there. Krista asked, “Paul, will you blog about me?”

2013-02-10 18.34.56

So there you go. That’s Krista on the right.

Re-read the first paragraph. You notice what I didn’t do? EAT. By then it was 10 PM Sunday night. So I went to Bardog and got the classic, spaghetti and meatballs with Caesar salad. I got it to go since I live less than a minute walk around the corner.

At 3 AM I woke up face down on my couch. I’d done a good job with the salad but I’d eaten a grand total of 3 bites of the spaghetti and meatballs. I stared at my leftovers for a minute but I’ve always heard an hour and a half is the rule before bacteria set in.

I felt really bad about the leftover food. Partly because of the “starving kids in third world countries” thing. Mostly because of the “damn after tip and PBR while waiting I spent almost 20 bucks on this meal and ate maybe a dollar worth” thing.

Tonight I went back for to-go food and made things right. I’d been in software training all day and damn I was hungry. Those Grandma’s (meat)balls from Bardog must weigh two ounces apiece. Maybe more. You are not getting shorted on protein when you order Bardog’s signature dish. I ate three out of the four and started on the fourth. Most of the spaghetti too.

Hope you have enjoyed the drunk post. One more day of training then the regular lunchtime posts will (hopefully) resume Thursday.