Wed update: Chocolate buffet, sushi, wine dinner, new bread at Majestic, Church Health Center IT job, Waffle Shop opens and more

I don’t normally blog a lot of Valentine’s Day events, but this one sounds particularly cool. The Madison Hotel is holding “Achocolypse” from 8 to 11 PM tomorrow night. It’s a chocolate buffet with 20 custom chocolate creations. $32 per person. Call 901-333-1200 for more information.

For those who do want a complete list of Valentine’s Day events happening Downtown tomorrow, check out the event guide. Tomorrow is absolutely loaded with listings.

Lee’s famous sushi, found for years at a gas station out east, is now available Downtown at the BP on Riverside. See this Hungry Memphis post for more info. The post also has info on an upcoming Oregon wine dinner at Felicia Suzanne’s.

The Majestic Grille now has Bluff City Bakery, headed by executive chef Jason Doty, making their breads. Chef Jason used to work for the Majestic so it’s a homecoming of sorts. I’ll have to get in there and try their grilled cheese with Jason’s new bread (and BACON!!!) sometime soon.

Techies: The Church Health Center is hiring a software and database coordinator. Details here.

The Calvary Waffle Shop opens tomorrow for the Lent season and will be open Monday through Friday for lunch through March 22. There’s also a “Waffle Shop After Dark” hour from 5:15 to 6:15 PM. (Is it really dark at 5:15?)

The Valentine’s Day glass goes on sale at 7 PM at the Flying Saucer. Theme this year is “Love Swallows.”

FINALLY done with 12 days of intensive software training. It will be good to be back at my desk tomorrow. I don’t observe Lent so I’m heading out for an evening of beer and read meat, followed by a liter Mountain Dew in the morning and some Fireball this weekend.