It’s about time

2013-02-25 23.44.53

I went to the Silly Goose tonight and came out victorious in poker. That hasn’t happened in a while, despite numerous seconds and thirds. Tonight I took the main prize, a $50 gift certificate at the Goose.

I had a sick hand where I went all in with Queen-Deuce. I was extremely short stacked and had to do something. My opponent turned over AA, obviously not what I wanted to see. My Queen was a diamond, and when four diamonds fell on the board I hit my flush and stayed in, cracking the Aces. A short time later I won. Shout-out to my opponents Brian and Winn who were the other two of the final 3 and played some outstanding poker. I really enjoyed it.

Home eating some chili cheese tamales from Huey’s then bed. If you want to join for poker Jamie hosts a game tomorrow at the Blind Bear at 8. Free to play.