Thur update: Music Fest lineup, Wonder Bread bakery acquired, KKK stupidity, Shelton starts shopping club

The lineup for Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest has been announced. Big names include The Black Keys, Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl Crow, Alice in Chains, ZZTop, Dwight Yoakam, The Black Crowes, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lucero, Al Kapone, and many more. I’ve seen mixed comments about this year’s lineup, both good and bad. The three-day music festival takes place on the river at Tom Lee Park May 3-5.

Flower Foods has purchase the Wonder Bread brand. Part of the purchase includes the 91-year-old bakery Downtown on Madison Avenue. The bakery has been closed since December. Good news that we will once again enjoy the smell of bread baking as we drive down Madison.

The KKK is stepping up plans after having their permit approved for the March 30 rally. Plans include a “cross lighting,” meaning a cross burning somewhere outside the city. Seriously. In 2013 they’re doing this. Once again, best advice is to completely ignore these idiots and not give them the attention they seek.

Shelton Clothiers is beginning a new shopping club. As a member of the club, they’ll send you clothes tailored to your needs at the beginning of each season, or whenever you request. You can keep what you want and return the rest using a 10 day prepaid return label.

Last night I started at the Silly Goose, where BBQ team vice-president Clay filled me in on a few ideas for the booth design, as well as what is going to happen at the bar. I need to find out what I’m allowed to blog but things really appear to be heading in a good direction.

After a Saucer stop, I headed over to the Blind Bear. Trivia was going on. One of the questions was, “Other than fingerprint, what body part produces a print that can uniquely identify you?” Too bad I wasn’t playing, because none of the teams knew the answer and I did – the tongue. Fun and busy night at the Bear.

Same plans for tonight: Goose then Saucer then Bear. I’ll hang along at the Blind Bear a little longer than usual tonight, to catch Amy LaVere, John Paul Keith, and Shawn Zorn performing as Hotel Mirrors. They take the stage at 10.