Keeping it real this April

You know what? This is April 1. April Fool’s Day. And I had a “Tube Top Month Canceled” post for April Fool’s that some would believe and some not.

But you know what? I played poker tonight (March 31, I’m up late) at the Blind Bear. I had pocket Aces and my buddy Dennis busted me with 10-9. The board came 2-K-6-10-9. Backdoor two pair. That was rough. But I didn’t mind because it was Dennis. We’re family down here. That’s how Downtown is.

An hour later, I found myself at the bar at the Silly Goose. My friend Jason was there. He’d been in the final table but hadn’t been involved in the Dennis vs. me hand. But he told me: “You know, Paul? You’re responsible for me being here. Not here (Memphis) because I was going to move there for work anyway, but here (Downtown). Reading your blog convinced me.” I cannot tell you how much that means.

And you know why this blog remains so popular year after year? It’s not just because I report what’s going on Downtown. It’s because I put myself into it. My thoughts, my opinions. And therefore, you get Tube Top Month. And it’s the real deal and we’re keeping it. So, no joke that it’s going away this year. Instead, a notification for mobile and RSS readers to pull up my blog on the web, because Tube Top Month is coming back for ’13 and the countdown is on. See the right-hand sidebar.

And if you don’t like it I got two words for ya…