Mon update: Dejavu to open second location in the Downtown core, that guy who dressed as the Easter Bunny, congrats to a new sports writer, Iron Sheik’s Wrestlemania predictions, new menu at Bardog

I’ve seen activity inside the former Krispy Krunchy Chicken location at 51 S. Main, and this morning I learned what was going on in there – and it’s great news for those who live and work in the Downtown core. Dejavu is opening a second location. Dejavu is a very popular Creole and soul food restaurant on Florida Street, just a few blocks south of Downtown. The couple of times I’ve been, the food has been excellent, but it’s such a small place that I never know if I will get a table or not. The new second location is 4000 square feet, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

The new Dejavu location will have a patio that seats 20 outside. That is great news! Patio dining is making its way farther and father up Main Street.

I’ve seen restaurants come and go in that location, and it almost seems cursed, like nothing can make it there. Even a 600-location chain like Krispy Krunchy Chicken failed. Dejavu, however, has almost a cult-like following already, and I have little doubt it will survive and thrive on Main Street.

Last week a guy dressed in full Easter Bunny costume showed up at the Flying Saucer, Silly Goose, and Blind Bear one evening. Saturday I learned more information about him… he’d spent the day touring local hospitals to cheer up sick kids, and he decided to finish the day with a mini-pub crawl. Good for the Bunny, and he certainly has good taste in bars!

News for my fellow former Sleep Out Louie’s regulars: Our buddy Josh has landed a writing gig for the Jackson Sun. He’s finishing up college at MTSU, and had an internship here in Memphis last summer for Sports 56 WHBQ. It’s great to see him doing well in his chosen career.

WrestleMania 29 is this Sunday. Wrestling legend Iron Sheik wrote an article for Bleacher Report on who the real and who the jabroni at the WrestleMania. Team the Dusty son and team the Bob Orton son are among Sheikie’s picks.

Bardog rolls out a new menu today. If I get a chance I’ll swing by and take a look.

Most likely I’ll have a second post up today after work. It involves bacon, so it’s definitely worth checking back.