Charvey McLemore @ Green Beetle

Charvey McLemore played the Green Beetle last night. I had never heard him before. My friend Katie Mac recommended I go check him out, and I saw on Facebook that my friends Karen and Dennis were going to see him too. Those are some pretty solid recommendations, so about 9:00 last night I walked south to the Beetle.

2013-04-06 21.26.19

I was glad I did. Charvey is incredibly talented, and has an amazing vocal range. Bars who book acoustic music, if you weren’t aware of Charvey Mac already, you really need to check him out and think about booking him. He’s one of those musicians who seems to have a built-in following of people who will show up wherever he plays. I definitely plan to go see him again.

2013-04-06 22.10.23

Karen and Dennis

2013-04-06 22.09.50

Katie Mac, no relation to Charvey