Thur update: Grizzlies, Music Fest reminders, severe weather, Boston Marathon blog post by a former Memphian

The Grizzlies are in the playoffs as the 5 seed in the Western Conference. In the first round of playoffs, which start this weekend, Memphis will play the Los Angeles Clippers. The first two games are Saturday and Monday. Both games are in L.A. and have a start time of 9:30 Central (ugh). After that the series comes to Memphis for a 7:30 Thursday game and a Saturday afternoon game on the 27th at 3:30. Subsequent games, if needed, will be played Tuesday the 30th, Friday May 3rd, and Sunday May 5th. Tickets for Games 3 and 4 in Memphis are on sale now.

That 3:30 game on Saturday the 27th could affect Memphis Brewfest, which happens at AutoZone Park that day at 4. I wonder if they’ll make arrangements so that people can watch the Grizzlies while sampling beer.

WMC-TV has a photo gallery of the top 10 things to remember when attending Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest in Tom Lee Park. Definitely a must-read. One of the most important points is to buy a disposable poncho (stores on Main and Beale sell these) that will fit in your pocket or purse. Also, don’t wear heels! Seriously, I have seen people do this (not only at Music Fest but BBQ Fest as well) and have thought to myself, “what in the world were they thinking?”

Severe weather is in the forecast for this afternoon/evening. Unfortunately it looks like it will hit during rush hour. The blog has the details. They write that this is the greatest risk for severe weather we’ve received since early last spring.

I wonder if people who own windshield repair companies are all like, “YESSSS!!! Chance of large hail! COME ON severe weather! Bring it!” when a forecast like this is released.

Here’s a link to a moving blog post by runner and former Memphian Jen Barker on her experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Jen was one of the founders of the Salty Dogs running group that meets at Bardog Tavern every Monday.

That’s all for now. I hope I beat the squall line home this afternoon.