Sat update: Brewfest sold out, Blind Bear opening early this weekend, classic pro wrestling on YouTube, WordPress 10th anniversary

If you were planning on buying a ticket to Memphis Brewfest at the gate, you’re out of luck. They announced on Facebook this morning that they had sold out. I decided to take a year off from Brewfest, because I wanted to see the Grizzlies game and because I didn’t feel like being so drunk/tired by 7:30 PM that I’d have to go home and crash. I hope the rain stays away, and I hope those who are attending have a wonderful time and drink lots of delicious beer.

With Brewfest off the agenda, I have to figure out where to watch the Grizzlies play at 3:30. The Blind Bear has announced that they will open early at 2 PM for the game. On Sunday, they will open early at noon for Wine Race.

Random pro wrestling video of the day: UWF’s first TV show, March 1986. Mid-South Wrestling rebranded as UWF. On this show, company president “Cowboy” Bill Watts got his revenge against North American champion/Mid-South TV champion “Dirty” Dick Slater. Slater had thrown the TV championship medallion in the Arkansas River. Watts ordered him to pay to have a new championship belt created, and to have his buddy “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer defend the title on Slater’s behalf, against an opponent of Watts’ choice. I saw a comment that said, “screw WWE and TNA, this is what wrestling really is.” I agree and this is a must-watch if you’re a pro wrestling fan.

I ordered a WordPress 10th anniversary shirt yesterday. I’ll wear it to BBQ Fest one day a couple of weeks from now. WordPress, which powers this blog and 20% of all websites around the world, is our BBQ team’s main sponsor. Proud to display their logo at BBQ Fest.

All right, gonna hit Publish so I can start typing a poker post. Will be at Panda’s bar at Bardog at 11.