Sat update: Grizzlies advance, cold weather, beer, Dabkick (new video sharing app), Free Comic Book Day, a Groupon for vegans and more

Before we get to the usual news, it’s time to take care of business. Well, not business, but Grizzness. Blake Griffin, you can get in your Kia Optima with Chris Paul and his “twin brother” Cliff and take yo ass back to L.A., because you have been ELIMINATED! The Grizzlies got the job done at home yesterday, 118-105. It was a physical game with a heaping serving of technical fouls. The Grizzlies play the Oklahoma City Thunder at noon on Sunday in the first game of the second round. Game will be in OKC and broadcast on ABC. Even without Russell Westbrook, the Grizz should not take the Thunder lightly. Still, though, with the momentum we have, I would not be surprised at all if we get a Game 1 win on the road to take command of the series.

Any bars opening early for the game tomorrow? If so, shoot me an email at, or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter or whatever and I’ll post tomorrow before gametime.

Memphis in February continues today. reported that we had a low of 36 this morning, breaking the all-time record low for May by 2 degrees. That is not the kind of record I am not happy about breaking. The high today is expected to be 55. If I remember correctly, 55/36 is normal weather in Memphis right around December 5 and February 15. This is putting a damper on my “Let’s see those tube tops ladies ALL ABOUT THE TUBE TOPS giddyup” messages that I post to Facebook this time of year, and I am not happy about it.

Are people starting to develop better taste in beer? As usual, my first stop after work was the Flying Saucer. I watched random people in town for Memphis in May come to the bar and order, and it seemed like most of them were ordering craft beer! I only saw one person order Bud Light. As recently as last year it was almost all Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite. Drew who is opening the brewery on South Cooper was bartending last night. Next time I see him I need to ask if he noticed this too, or if I just happened to be standing next to people who like good beer.

Speaking of beer: 26 drinks that prove that mixing beer is a good idea. The Saucer sells several of these, including Black Velvet, Snakebite, and Black and Tan. For the others, you can run to a grocery store that sells a lot of good beer (I recommend the Cash Saver on Madison) and pick up the ingredients. Beer and banana juice? Wouldn’t have thought of that, but with a good hefeweizen it would work. Or that dunkelweizen the Saucer used to sell… can’t remember the brewery.

One thing that happens every Sunday post-brunch is that my friends Otto and John D show each other funny videos that they found on their phones. If you show lots of photos and videos to people on your phone, you might be interested in Dabkick. It’s an app that changes how you share those media. Both of you see the same content on your phones at the same time.

It’s Free Comic Book Day. View a list of Memphis locations here that are participating and giving away free comic books. Free comic books? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up… probably not, you can’t eat a comic book.

I know there are a few vegans who read this blog, so I’ll post a link to a vegan Groupon deal going on right now in case they haven’t seen it.

If you have to get your basketball fix, the Chicago Bulls play the Brooklyn Nets tonight on TNT. It’s an all-important Game 7 to determine which team will eventually lose to Miami.

Plans for today: I’ll start off at Panda’s bar at Bardog as usual, 11 AM. After that: Walk around and people-watch the Music Fest attendees. I want to try The Mad Earl at some point this weekend too. I’ve been there once, but it was right when it opened and it wasn’t totally done yet. One thing’s for sure: I will NOT be at Tom Lee Park. PBR hoodie and shorts weather for hopefully the last time this year.