Drunkass Thur update: We love our Grizzlies, Bike to Work Day, RDC in question, pupplies, bacon-infused bourbon, Trader Joe’s

Last night, after the BBQ team meeting ended about 7:30 at the Blind Bear, I walked over to the Flying Saucer, wanting to see what the Grizzlies commemorative glass looked like. I didn’t get to! The glasses went on sale at 7 and were sold out by 7:10. Just goes to show how crazy people are in this town about our Memphis Grizzlies!

Memphis will participate in National Bike to Work Day next Friday, May 17.  It’s a day to celebrate the bike as a viable means of transportation. Sounds like fun, although for me that day will be National Walk to Tom Lee Park and Eat BBQ Day.

Mayor Wharton is questioning the effectiveness of the nonprofit Riverfront Development Corporation that manages our city’s riverfront. ABC 24 article WMC-TV article Wharton wonders if the riverfront could be managed as effectively by the city, with employees who make less than those working at the RDC. I’ve generally been a supporter of what the RDC does over the years, and I’m not real concerned with their salaries. What I want to know is, that $16 million cost overrun building Beale Street Landing – which still isn’t done – where exactly did that money go? I do not support giving them any more until we get a complete explanation, with open books.

Puppies were found in a laundry basket on Harbor Town last night. Take a look if you’re interested in adopting.

South of Beale will have bacon-infused Maker’s Mark by the time you read this. My favorite bourbon.

There’s still no word on Memphis getting a Trader Joe’s, but a new distribution point gives us some hope. There’s one opening in Irving, TX, less than 500 miles away, an easy day’s truck drive.

That will do it. Home from Max’s Sports Bar/Saucer with to-go food from Huey’s. 8 more cubicle hours and vacation will begin.