Fri update: Mother’s Day at Hooters, Bluff City Oktoberfest, Geek Trivia, highest-paid public employees by state, what rent will get you in NYC

I normally don’t post a lot of Mother’s Day specials at Downtown restaurants, but this one is too funny to pass up: Moms eat at Hooters for free on Mother’s Day. Well, as long as their meal is $10 or less. If you’re trying to get written out of your mother’s will, this is about as good a way to make that happen as any.

Downtown’s newest festival, Bluff City Oktoberfest, will be discussed tomorrow on Action News 5 in the 8 o’clock hour with Kontji Anthony. The festival will be held on Riverside Drive in early October.

The first-ever Geek Trivia will be held Tuesday night at Ferraro’s, 8 PM. Test your knowledge of Sci-Fi, video games, comic books, fantasy, zombies, and more. All six rounds will be themed toward stuff you would see at Comic Con. $1 PBRs during trivia.

Chart that has gone viral today: Highest-paid public employee, by state. In most states, the highest-paid public employee holds the same job. Can you guess what that is?

Think you pay too much for rent? Check out these rooms for rent in New York City.

Vacation will start at 4:45 and I’m off all next week. There will still be posts but on a much less structured schedule, and also THE FILTER WILL BE COMPLETELY OFF. That applies to Facebook and Twitter too. Time for a quick lunch and then “I know you’re about to leave for vacation, but before you leave, can you…” requests this afternoon.