Squeal Street BBQ wins second in Patio Porker



Even though I have a lot of hard work and responsibilities on my team The Moody Ques, I still find time at BBQ Fest to cheer for friends on other teams. Squeal Street is a patio porker team made up of a group of Downtowners that was founded in 2010. Patio porker teams are restricted to a 10 x 10 booth and have to cook ribs as their competition entry. Despite those limitations, Squeal Street has earned a reputation as one of the best places to hang out during the festival. They’re also one of the most well-organized and well-educated teams, with several members having been to BBQ judging school. Their hard work paid off yesterday with a second place finish among the patio porker teams. We love these guys and are so proud of them.

Now let’s have a look at what happened on our own team. I stayed out of the booth until 3:00. Presentation is a significant part of the judging, so I tend to stay away to avoid making a bad impression. Besides I had work to do holding the fort at the Flying Saucer, and when our sponsor the Blind Bear opened early I stopped by there too.


Chef taking a well-deserved break after handing in the championship shoulder. We really hit a home run with David Scott Walker in the kitchen. The team was well-fed and happy at all times. Thanks so much to Jamie and Jeannette for making the introduction.


With all the BBQ excitement going on, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Tube Top Month starts in 5 days and THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE.


Beauties in our booth on Saturday


Cap’n Ron


I don’t think anybody could deny that Danielle is looking damn hot in this pic, but she asked if this counts as a tube top and the answer is no. Tube tops do not have straps.




Squeal Street members prior to their appearance on stage


The Nuh-Uh Girl. “I’m not a member of Squeal Street but if you feed me I’ll wear your shirt”


WordPress rock stars @nacin and @otto42 with Nikki


It just wouldn’t be BBQ Fest without this happening at least one night. Thank goodness he didn’t bring the fluffy white hat this year.


Corey serving the shoulder


Matt and the WordPress crew enjoying the second-story view of the river


10 PM: Frank makes the announcement that the park is closing. “We need all hands on deck for load-out in the morning. Except Paul. Paul, we need you at the Flying Saucer at noon to hold things down there.” Got it.


Post-festival, Lauren chows down on a Soul Burger.


Later at E&H this happened.

Full photo album (132 pics) here.

What a great year. About 5:00 yesterday I was leaning against the rail in the booth and looking around. I thought, “This is my booth and these are my friends. If I die today I will be proud of what I did with my life.” Between my own team and my friends on Squeal Street, I just couldn’t ask for better people to be around.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to the Grizzlies. Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals is today at 2:30 on ABC. The Blind Bear is gaining national attention as THE place to watch games Downtown, and that’s where I’ll be. They are opening early at noon, and after a brief stop at the Saucer to fulfill my BBQ team duties, that’s where I’ll be.