Wed update 2: Jobs, green bike lanes, course in pro wrestling, Max’s raises money, Club 152

(Forgot to hit Publish before going out, sorry)

100 jobs are coming Downtown as paper products manufacturer Kruger Products expands its production facility. White Cloud toilet paper is among the products they make here. The plant is at 400 Mahannah, near Second and Island Drive, so it would be a short commute for people who live on Mud Island. You can view a list of jobs here and there are entry-level ones available. Even the entry-level jobs pay well.

Mayor Wharton has committed to building 15 miles of green bike lanes over the next two years. Green lanes are protected from car traffic.

Interesting fact I learned on Twitter: Oklahoma University has a course on storytelling in professional wrestling.

Congratulations to Max’s Sports Bar on their fundraising for tornado victim relief. Bartender Michele posted that they raised $506 yesterday.

The Daily News reports that talks are underway for Club 152 to reopen. I have a couple of friends who work there and I know they must have hated missing that BBQ Fest weekend tip money.

Home from work, time for beer, outta here!