Tube Top Month plus Saturday news

2013-05-24 21.14.04Welcome to Tube Top Month, which began at 5 PM yesterday. Tube Top Month is a celebration of the greatest women’s fashion item ever invented, the tube top. From today through July 4, every post on this blog will mention tube tops or will feature a photo of a tube top. Tube Top Month had its first year in 2005 and was originally the month of June. In 2010 one of my readers suggested I expand it to include the Memorial Day and July 4 weekends. I thought that was an excellent idea.

For our first photo we have an established tube top superstar, Jessica who was working a rare Friday shift at the Silly Goose last night. Want to be in the blog? Put on a tube top and come find me. I have the camera phone on me at all times.

Sunset Symphony is changing its scheduled event times this evening to accommodate the Grizzlies game. Symphony will begin at 7, fireworks at 8:45, then they will show the game on the stage’s big screen at 9. By the way, a tube top would be a great choice of clothing for tonight in Tom Lee Park.

The Memphis Flyer has a good article about Tamp & Tap, the coffee shop/biergarten which will open in Van Vleet Flats soon. I did not realize it is being opened by Taylor Berger, the entrepreneur who opened Chiwawa in Midtown recently. That place has been a runaway success and hopefully Tamp & Tap will be too.

The Redbirds are giving away unique Memphis Belle T-shirts to the first 2000 fans at AutoZone Park tonight. The shirts celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Memphis Belle’s 25th combat mission. There are discounted tickets for veterans tonight, and after the game there will be fireworks set to Big Band era music. Gates open at 5, first pitch at 6:05.

That’ll do it for now. I’ll most likely watch the game at Blind Bear as usual. Go Grizzlies! Let’s see those growl towels! And those tube tops!