Sun update: Free Jeffrey and the Pacemakers show, a duck in a bucket, Havana Pilon praise, and more

Last night was the first-ever Grizzlies watch party during Tube Top Month
Last night was the first-ever Grizzlies watch party during Tube Top Month

The Paul McCartney concert is this evening at the FedExForum. It’s a stop on his “Out There” tour. Even if you don’t have tickets to see Sir Paul, you should come to the FedExForum plaza around 5. British Invasion band Jeffrey and the Pacemakers will be playing Beatles songs and hits from other popular 1960s British bands. These guys are accomplished musicians and have played with some of the industry’s biggest names. The show is free to the public.

Add one to the “weird things you see Downtown” file. Yesterday I saw multiple reports that Friday night, a man had been walking around Main Street carrying a live duck in a Home Depot bucket. Then Patrick from the Majestic Grille posted a video and yep, it was absolutely true. There was a mallard hen inside a painted bucket. You just don’t get this kind of entertainment in Collierville, folks.

One of my neighbors tried Havana Pilon, the new Cuban restaurant on Madison near Second, Friday evening. I asked her how it was and she said the food was “fab” and very reasonably priced. I’ve got to get in there and try it soon. She said the hours are 7 to 7 Monday through Saturday.

Yesterday I started at Bardog as usual. It was pointed out to me that one of the other bar customers was waiting for me to finish my beer to see if I’d order another one, and then as soon as I did, he did too. I started paying attention, and yep, that was happening. About 2:30 I asked Panda for my tab as quietly as possible and slipped down Scratchy’s Alley on my way to the Flying Saucer, hoping to get away from him. Not 30 seconds after I took a seat next to my friends at Saucer, he was hovering behind us.

One of my friends suggested he slow down on the drinking, as he was quite hammered by that point. He responded by ordering a car bomb and a 25 ounce can of beer. Initially he stayed a couple of people away from me, but he soon found reason to talk to my BBQ teammate sitting next to me, leaning on the back of my chair so as to invade my personal space as much as possible. I finally had to move away from my friends to get away from him. When he was done with his beer he crushed the can and angrily slammed it on the bar, then shoved it in my general direction. Passive-aggressive MUCH? Since he watches Grizzlies games at the Saucer and I watch them at Blind Bear, I thought I’d be free from him in the evening, but no, he followed me to Bear too. Fortunately my BBQ teammates occupied all the nearby seats and he had to sit at the other end of the bar. Disappointed that he couldn’t pester me more, he left at halftime. Seriously? WTF is wrong with people? I think he blames me for not being on the BBQ team this year, when he should blame his own long-standing pattern of inappropriate drunk behavior.

Due to laundry not getting done in time I won’t make it to brunch at the Majestic today. I’ll probably lead off at Saucer at noon, then at 3 I have to go to a BBQ team leadership wrap-up meeting at Blind Bear. I’m not a member of the LLC behind the BBQ team but I get invited to these things anyway. Actually, one of our first-year members (and I wish she were my stalker instead of a creepy middle-aged dude) had a really good suggestion I want to pass on. After that I’ll catch Jeffrey and the Pacemakers on the Forum plaza, and plans TBD after that. Maybe Silly Goose, although I have reason to believe it will be an absolute shitshow tonight. At any rate, it’s a Sunday not followed by a work Monday, and I’m going to make the most of it. It’s going to be a beautiful day in the mid 80s and I hope to see some tube tops!