Mon update: Friends for Life fundraiser, Redbirds brawl, funds for riverfront pulled, SOB repairs, orchestra job, Jerry Lawler museum and more

On Sunday, June 23, the Green Beetle will host a fundraiser for Friends for Life from 3 to 7 PM. The party will be called the Red Party. A $10 donation gets you a well drink, a red velvet cupcake, and a chance to win a door prize. The Chris Hill Band will provide the live music, and the Amurica photo booth will be there. Friends for Life supports Memphians suffering from AIDS and their caregivers. Suggested attire for the event is anything red (FFL’s suggestion) and in particular red tube tops (my suggestion).

The Redbirds got into a brawl over the weekend at Albuquerque, with multiple players on both sides ejected.

The state has pulled money meant for a bike and pedestrian trail on the riverfront, due to a lack of progress being made on the project. That’s a shame.

South of Beale will be closed until Wednesday for kitchen repairs.

Job hunters with a background in music: The Memphis Symphony Orchestra is seeking an orchestra personnel manager.

Jerry “The King” Lawler has announced his museum is moving to Tunica.

We had a celebrity Downtown yesterday. South Jersey celeb Splitty the Maul, pictured at center below, is vacationing in Memphis. Splitty is a frequent guest on Air Traffic Mike’s blog. Splitty visited the Majestic Grille, the Silly Goose, and the Flying Saucer.


We played several games of pool at the Saucer, and our friend Pete continued his tradition of losing to me multiple times. It’s the first time we’ve done pool at the Saucer in several months, and it was a lot of fun. Later in the day I played poker at the Blind Bear, where the final two were kitchen manager Michael Bean and the Nuh-Uh Girl. Bean won, but since he is an employee he’s not eligible for the prize and the Nuh-Uh Girl won it. I’m sure she’s thinking about all the food she plans to buy with that gift card.

I’ll be back at the Saucer about 5:45 for Pint Nite, most drafts on the tap wall $3. Stops after that TBD.