Tue update: New poker night @ Mad Earl, Brass Door news, juice truck, Muck Sticky show, Shelton turns 8, revised Memphis to Moore total, and more

There’s a new Monday night poker game at The Mad Earl, the new sports/dive bar next to the Brass Door. I didn’t find out about it until very last minute yesterday, so I was unable to attend. However, my friend Dennis did, and these are the details he gave me.

  • Free to play
  • Two games at 6:30 and 8:30
  • $40 Harrah’s credit to the winner of each game plus other prizes. There was a pic of the 8:30 winner holding an Amazon gift card on the bar’s Facebook page.
  • Dennis got a $10 bar tab for coming in second at the 6:30 game
  • Three people from the River Rat Rounders run the game: One to keep time, one to run the first table, one to run a second table if needed. The River Rat Rounders are the same people who run the game at Jack Magoo’s.
  • 15-minute blind structure
  • Latecomers allowed in the first hour of the game only
  • Two decks are used to keep things moving fast
  • Players earn points in a 12-week league; league grand prize is a buy-in for a poker tournament in Tunica

(Mad Earl: If I have any of this incorrect let me know)

Sounds good. If they can get games done in two hours, that will be very well-received among a lot of the Downtown poker players. A lot of the existing bar games let latecomers in for nearly two hours and it makes the games take too damn long. I don’t know if I’ll play at Mad Earl much since Monday is Pint Nite at the Saucer, but I may show up there occasionally.

I commented on Facebook last night that if I ran a poker night, I’d give 5000 in extra starting chips to females in tube tops.

Next door at the Brass Door, they will be showing the USA vs. Honduras soccer match tonight at 8. Thursday they will have jazz saxophonist Carl Wolfe and The Little Big Band, and they will have jazz alternating Thursdays after that.

Food truck alert: The Memphis Business Journal reports that a mobile juice bar will soon be on the streets of Memphis. It will sell smoothies and juices.

Muck Sticky is having a pajama party at the New Daisy this Saturday starting at 7. He is celebrating his 4000th consecutive day in pajama pants (not the same pair the entire 4000 days though). He will play an extra long set, and Taco and the Mofos and the Flaming Death Fearies will also perform.

Also on Saturday, Shelton Clothiers will celebrate its 8th birthday with a fundraiser. A $5 donation to Mended Little Hearts of Memphis gets you BBQ, beer/wine, and live music. Mended Little Hearts is a nonprofit that helps families of children with congenital heart disease.

Revised total is in for the Memphis to Moore fundraiser: $34,000 raised for the Moore, Oklahoma Public Schools in cash and in-kind donations. That’s not bad for a fundraiser put together in only 17 days. It’s still not too late to donate, and you can do it here.

The Majestic Grille will be closed 4 to 6 this afternoon for a memorial service. The restaurant will re-open for normal business at 6:30.

Plans for tonight: I’ll most likely play the Blind Bear’s 8 PM poker game tonight, with a few pre-poker beers at Flying Saucer beforehand. Just a typical Tuesday.