Sun update: City Market, Canada Day, Riverside Drive, random pro wrestling video of the week, and more

In my Saturday post, I forgot to blog about the excellent late-night snack I had Friday. More and more City Market is becoming my go-to place for food – according to Foursquare I’ve been there 21 of the past 60 days. Last week they added a new summer item which is excellent. The curry chicken boti roll with yogurt Raita is available in their grab & go cooler. Really, really tasty. A little spicy but not too much, and that yogurt for dipping is out of this world.

Save the date for next Sunday: On June 30 Kooky Canuck will have its annual Canada Day celebration. They’ll have $3 Canadian bottled beer and $4 Forty Creek whisky, along with a Canadian food menu. This is one of the best days of the year at Kooky. There will be lots of people in Canadian colors and jerseys and the event will be hosted by honorary Canadian consul to Memphis B. Lee Mallory. If you want to participate in the poutine-eating contest, sign up here.

A friend of mine who lives near the Riverside/Georgia intersection asked me to post a link to this website. Apparently a number of residents in that area oppose the variance that is being requested to re-zone 666 Riverside Drive, fearing it will detract from the beauty of the area and decrease property values. They believe that a storage facility and a drive-thru window will harm the character of the neighborhood. I have no dog in this fight and don’t live in the area, just posting the link at the request of a friend.

It’s time for the random pro wrestling video of the week. This week it’s Famous Pipe Bombs. It’s about 13 minutes and includes:

  • Joey Styles goes off on “sports entertainment” and the WWE style of announcing on WWE Monday Night Raw
  • “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro, bashes Ric Flair. Then he tells people to change the channel and watch Stone Cold on WWE, and finishes by saying WCW sucks.
  • Paul Heyman blasts Vince McMahon about running all the local promoters out of business
  • Kevin Nash calls Scott Hall a drunk on WCW Monday Nitro
  • C.M. Punk calls Jeff Hardy a drug addict and tells Hardy he’s going to lose to Punk. Hardy goes on to lose to Punk, and a couple of years later, gets arrested on felony drug charges and does jail time.
  • A couple of clips of The Rock

In other pro wrestling news… former WWF champion The Iron Sheik is putting together an Indiegogo campaign. He wants to crowd-fund $100,000 to create a documentary about the career of the Iranian legend. Donate here or else you are the jabroni like the Virgil and the Tito Santana.

Last night a bunch of us gathered at Blind Bear for our friend Misty’s birthday. Here are a few pics.

(Edit: Dammit WordPress, you broke image upload with the latest release! I can still FTP them to my site and insert from URL, but what a pain.)

Misty and the Nuh-Uh Girl

Okay, people, take notes. This is how it’s done. TUBE TOP DRESSES.

South Side Supper Club. It was my first time hearing this band perform and they are a natural fit for a speakeasy environment.

The Nuh-Uh Girl wishes Misty would hurry up and finish blowing out the candles so she can have some cupcakes to eat.

After multiple PBRs and shots of Fireball, by midnight I was DONE. I wished Misty a happy birthday, thanked host Chad for a wonderful party, and made my way home. Thank goodness I know when it’s time to hit the off switch. I don’t try really hard to stay out and end up puking on myself while sitting on a bar stool or getting thrown out of multiple bars in one night. Most of all, thank goodness I don’t get behind the wheel after 12-13 hours of drinking and endanger the lives of others. For those who do engage in such behavior, here’s a list of AA meetings today in Memphis.

And now it’s Sunday Fun Day. I don’t know if this Sunday will be like the last one, but if it works out that way, this is what Pete will be thinking:

That’ll do it for now. Happy Sunday Fun Day!