Ever had a dream that was so funny that you couldn’t get back to sleep? I had one of those this morning and it’s too good not to share. Don’t worry, I will have a recap of Cooper-Young Beerfest and whatever other news I can find to talk about posted before I go out this morning.

In the dream, I was at BBQ Fest. The next door team was sponsored by a company called The Little Toy Store. That may sound family-friendly, but the sponsor actually specialized in toys for adults (not sex toys – get your mind out of the gutter). Throughout the day, they were bringing out all kinds of interesting toys to play with. One in particular was a large, oversize foam replica of a toilet, colored Tiger blue (perhaps symbolic of Memphis Tigers football going down the crapper for yet another year). That’s right, here you are walking through BBQ Fest, and all of the sudden you turn the corner and see this huge blue fake toilet. People were having a blast sitting on the fake toilet in various poses – “The Thinker” was a common one – having pictures taken. The fun came to an end when some random drunk guy came by, mistook the toy for an actual, real toilet, and proceeded to pull down his pants and take a dump in it.

Later in the dream I was walking around, looking at the other booths. I noticed that there was a church inside a tent at BBQ Fest. Some religious organization had sponsored it, and it was complete with an altar and white pews. Although I’m not a church-goer in real life, I was intrigued enough by a church service at a BBQ festival to go in and take a seat. I did not feel the need to discard my beer before entering the tent church, because PBR is proof that God loves us. The service started, and the preacher started referring to quotes and passages from “the book.” “I don’t go to church a lot,” I thought, “but these don’t seem like any Bible quotes I’ve ever heard.” Then I saw a copy of “the book” on the back of the pew in front of me, and realized it was not the Bible, but Reader’s Digest.

A little bit later, I concocted the plan of stealing a copy of the Reader’s Digest from the tent church, and posing with it on the big blue fake toilet. But then I remembered that the drunk guy had crapped that up (literally) for everyone.

Around that time I woke up, and as my conscious mind started processing how funny that dream sequence was, I knew I had no hope of going back to sleep.

Just had to share that. Cooper-Young Beerfest review coming next.