Okay, folks. Here’s a list of public Halloween parties I’m aware of that are going on tonight. Usually I try to be more descriptive than this in my Halloween posts, but I’m pressed for time today. You can assume that most of these places will have a costume contest with prizes.

Blind Bear (best bear costume contest)

Flying Saucer (mystery beer tub $3)

Bardog (hearse raffle at 11:59 PM)

Kooky Canuck

Double J

Twilight Sky Terrace (pirate party)

Peabody rooftop (Dr. Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monster)

Silly Goose

Don’t put your costume away after tonight… tomorrow I will post about one more opportunity to party for Halloween Downtown. This has been one of the best parties of the year and this is the first year they have opened it up to the public.

I’ll be out in costume around 6 tonight and I have tomorrow morning off so I will be out late. Not revealing my costume on the blog but I’ll give you a hint: I’m recycling a costume prop from a previous Halloween. The difference is, that year I was dressed as a giant douchebag, whereas this year I will be dressed as a really nice guy who we’re happy to have back in the city. Hope to see you out tonight!