Thur update: TSO, Prohibition Repeal Party, Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas, new pizza place, Ice Impact level 4

Tomorrow night is the first-ever performance of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “The Lost Christmas Eve” at the FedExForum. Great thing to do with a date or the family on a Friday evening. Here’s a preview.

Also tomorrow night is a Prohibition Repeal Dinner at the Peabody’s Chez Philippe, celebrating the 80th anniversary of the repeal of one of the stupidest laws ever. There will be a buffet supper and period cocktails. $85 per person plus tax and grat. 901-529-4188 for reservations.

Also tomorrow night is “A Rock N’ Roll Christmas” at the Cannon Center for Performing Arts. The show features Visible Music College students and special guest, Sarah Simmons from NBC’s The Voice and Neighborhood Christian Center’s Children’s Choir, with fresh interpretations of both traditional and contemporary Christmas music. Admission is free, but the music college will happily accept donations.

There’s a New York pizza place getting ready to open at 45 S. Main, a couple of doors down from DeJaVu. That’s a gutsy move, opening only a block away from Aldo’s Pizza Pies which already serves New York-style pizza. I suppose it’s better to have two pizza places within a 3-minute walk of my front door as opposed to zero, though, which was the case not long ago.

The National Weather Service has upgraded the Memphis area to a 4 on the Ice Impact Index for the predicted impact of tomorrow’s ice storm. That means “Prolonged and widespread utility interruptions. Damage to many main feeder lines possible. Utility outages lasting up to 10 days possible.”

Conversation at the Silly Goose last night: “I feel sorry for the Memphis Tigers. Between the marathon and the ice, no one is going to be able to get to the FedExForum for their game at noon Saturday.”

I replied, “Well, only Downtowners will be able to get to the arena, because we can walk. But a lot of us will probably walk to a bar and watch the game there.” The Blind Bear has proved to be a fine basketball watch spot, so I will probably land there for the game. Hopefully I will be spared the day bartender’s “tube tops are gross” comments. Who doesn’t like tube tops?

Everybody be safe driving home tonight, and if at all possible stay off the roads tomorrow. I plan on hitting the Blind Bear’s Prohibition repeal party after a couple of stops this evening.