Snow day update

Working from home today. You know, using a netbook with a 10″ screen to proxy into a work computer with a 19″ monitor is not ideal, but it beats driving on ice I suppose.

Sitting here typing my lunchtime post as Winter Storm Cleon rages through the Mid-South. Cleon? Yep, the Weather Channel is naming winter storms now, in an attempt to establish itself as the ultimate authority about weather, even more important than NOAA. The problem is, the names the Weather Channel has picked just plain suck. What if we let Beavis and Butt-head pick winter storm names? Ass-Munch, Bunghole, Cornholio, Dumbass, Fart-Knocker. “Winter Storm Fart-Knocker is dumping sleet and freezing rain on the metro area…” That’d be cool.

Tonight’s Prohibition Dinner at Chez Philippe has been cancelled due to the weather. If my blog yesterday got you excited and you planned to go, sorry, guess it’s time to order some pizza.

If the ice cuts your power this weekend and you plan to temporarily re-locate to a hotel, you’re out of luck. Marathon runners have the hotel rooms booked. The marathon by the way, is still on as scheduled, although officials will monitor the weather.

The Max’s Sports Bar vs. Green Beetle bowling showdown scheduled for tonight has been cancelled due to the weather.

There’s a good review of A.Schwab’s new soda fountain on the Hungry Memphis blog.

At least two or three people I follow on Twitter soiled their pants this morning after the USA drew into a group with Ghana, Germany, and Portugal for the 2014 World Cup. Apparently that is THE WORST DRAW EVER and if today’s ice storm doesn’t kill us all, being in Group E will.

It’s been confirmed that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show is on for tonight at FedExForum.

Miss Cordelia’s now has local Wiseacre Brew beers in stock.

Fsacebook quote from the Nuh-Uh Girl: “I have a love/hate relationship with the Costco sample stations.” Sigh… she just doesn’t care at all that she has a reputation for showing up wherever there’s free food. She relishes it, in fact.

Green Beetle will be closing at 4 today due to the weather.

Roser from the Chris Vernon Show reports that a trolley hit a car on South Main minutes ago. It’s getting icy out there, so please be careful and take it slow. I’m going to work for a few more hours then hit the Saucer for happy hour. Happy snow (ice) day!