Amateur Night

“The best time to come here on New Year’s Eve? I’d say about 1:30 in the morning. That’s when you get to watch people puking in their beer glasses and doing all kinds of crazy stuff.”

That was a quote from a bartender I talked to this week. It illustrates why New Year’s Eve is one of my least favorite nights of the year. It’s Amateur Night. People who lack self-control come out in droves. Too much puking. Too much drama. Having to pay a $15 cover at a place where I could come for free any other day of the year and have a better time. Being bumped into over and over. People shooting fireworks out of car windows to celebrate the new year. People shooting GUNS out of car windows to celebrate the new year (no kidding, this happens). Long lines for drinks. Long lines for the restroom. Long lines in the freezing cold to get in bars. Jacked-up parking prices and traffic jams, although I don’t have to worry about those.

Holly has a good guide for stuff to do tonight here.

Tip for tonight: Keep your valuables – purses, phones, whatever – where you can see them at all times. Do not turn your back on your purse or phone to have a conversation, even for a minute. That is all the opportunity that is needed. A friend of mine had her phone stolen at a Beale Street bar this week. The next day the thief called her sister’s phone, and said she could have the phone back for $40. That kind of scam happens a lot in crowded bars on or near Beale, so be careful.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s office posted that they only give rides to a few places on New Year’s Eve, and you won’t like those places much, so arrange alternate transportation home if you plan to drink. 323-3333 and 577-7777 are the numbers for the major cab companies in Memphis.

From LifeHacker: How to survive the perils of New Year’s Eve

I saw a post from a club manager about how people are coming out of the woodwork texting, “Hey can me and my six friends get in for free?” If I managed a club or bar I think I’d just put my phone in airplane mode today.

Starting tomorrow, Amazon will collect taxes on purchases made by Tennesseans. Happy New Year to us.

The Liberty Bowl will be on ESPN at 3 this afternoon. The Memphis Tigers vs. USF game will be on ESPN2 at 6.

Office is closing at 3 today, which will give me time to get a couple of beers at Flying Saucer and be long gone before their Amateur Night party starts. Whether I stay out TBD – I have a couple of different options but staying home is a good option too. This is probably my last post for 2013, so happy new year everyone.