Sat update: Weather, Salty Dogs polar bear run, Blind Bear to repeat NYE, yoga @ Cotton Museum, and more is having a Google Hangout tonight at 8 PM to discuss the brutally cold weather that will be here Sunday-Tuesday. If you’re on Google+, circle if you want to join in. If you’ll be busy at 8, you can read the blog for information on what to expect. According to their Twitter account (@memphisweather1), Monday will be the first day in 18 years that Memphis has experienced highs in the teens. They also reported that yesterday’s low of 19 marked the first time in 1056 days that Memphis has dipped below the 20-degree mark. Finally, here’s an animation of the Arctic air to move in Sunday-Monday.

If you think our weather will be cold on Monday, check out the forecast for Minneapolis: High -15, low -21. Meanwhile, the forecast for Anchorage, Alaska for Monday is high 30, low 27, so on average Anchorage will be running about 15 degrees warmer than Memphis on Monday.

I see that the cold weather is not going to stop running group The Salty Dogs. They are having a polar bear run on Monday. The run starts and ends at Bardog Tavern and start time is 7 PM. Post-run, the runners enjoy specials in Bardog’s underdog room. If you’re into running, this is a good way to meet some friendly fellow Downtowners.

The Blind Bear is having New Year’s Eve Part 2 all day tomorrow, for those who had to work, for those who want to do it all over again, and for those who want to experience New Year’s Eve that isn’t Amateur Night. $2.50 domestic bottles, $3 drink specials (mimosas, champagne, poinsettias, Bloody Marys, moonshine shots, Fireball), $4 well drinks, $5 house wine, free Texas Hold Em’ poker at 6:30pm, $15 bottles of Yellow Tail bubbly, $30 bottles of Sophia Blanc de Blancs. Brunch will be served from noon until 6 PM. If they remember they’ll do a countdown at midnight.

The Cotton Museum will be offering pay-what-you-can yoga classes in partnership with Evergreen Yoga Studio. Leah Bray Nichols, primary instructor at the studio, will lead the exercise. First class of 2014 is Tuesday at 7 AM. More info here.

Perihelion occurs at 5:59 PM today, at which time the Earth will be the closest to the Sun of any point along its yearly orbit. Sure doesn’t feel like we’re close to the Sun today!

Yesterday I worked from home for the first 2 hours of the day as I waited on a car repair. Right before 8 I walked to Walgreens for my daily caffeine. Scene I witnessed as I walked to Walgreens: A man asking people for change to help the homeless. Scene I witnessed as I came out of Walgreens: The same man banging on the door of CeCe’s Liquors, yelling, “Clyde! You open yet?” DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE MONEY! If you want to help the homeless, there are many fine organizations to which you can donate, including the Union Mission, Hospitality HUB, Door of Hope, and Manna House. If you give money directly to people on the street, it will almost certainly go toward alcohol and drugs rather than food and shelter.

Off to Bardog to start the morning at Brooke’s bar and watch the Tigers play Cincinnati (ESPN2). Go Tigers!